28-29 MARCH 2019

Le Méridien Piccadilly – London, UK


Internal Communications Conference 2019 - Programme at a Glance

About the IC Conference 2019

As a senior communicator it is often difficult to find time to reflect and refresh our practice, Day to day demands can mean that we just don’t have the chance to spend time with our peers and share our challenges and hopes.  The Internal Communications Retreat is designed to provide a pause when we can think and regroup.

The event will be structured around a series of conversations that mix ideas from other practitioners with a chance to explore how our own plans and communications should develop.  It should best suit senior level, experienced communicators who can benefit from new perspectives on the role and techniques of modern communications.

We will begin by asking how we are likely to be affected by trends such as changing workforce demographics, the equalities agenda, sustainability and the continuing development of technology.


The Event will include a mix of short presentations and discussion and be supplemented by time for personal mindful contemplation.


Welcome and Orientation

The Challenge Facing Internal Communications

This session will look at the big strategic themes facing us as communicators and enable us to explore some of the priorities that we will need to address in the coming years.  Retreatants will discuss the issues which really matter from the perspective of a communicator and develop an understanding of where we can add value to how our organisations respond.

Mindful Leadership

Led by an expert in mindfulness, we will look at how mindfulness practice can help managers be more effective and be more supportive and compassionate leaders.  This short introduction to the topic will include a few moments of practice which should be good introduction to the beginner and a welcome refresher for the more experienced practitioner.


A case study from the global beverage and snacks giant which outlines the strategy and tools utilized to deliver its specific gender parity commitment under its Performance with Purpose vision;  highlighting the power of diversity networks, unconscious bias training and a clear EVP.

This wil lead us into a discussion about the role of communicators in shaping the equality and diversity agenda within the organizations. Retreatants will develop their own thoughts about their role and how their function adds value in their organization

Ethics and internal communications

we work with so much confidential data and often are asked to do things that we don’t ethically agree with. How do we respond?

Changing Demographics

Author and commentator Chloe Combiwill talk us through some of the insights in her book Gen Z before we hear from a panel of leading communicators who are working to reflect the needs of multiple generations in their workplaces.

Workshop on: Planning Change and Transformation Communications

Explore five key practical challenges around change communications and think through how they apply to current projects in your organisation. Drawing on his experiences, the facilitator will provoke fresh insights which will help you plan your change and transformation communications more effectively. Using a simple model, the workshop focuses on the tools and processes you need to be impactful in your role.

Communicating sustainably

Facilitators will set us thinking about the range of issues that organisations will need to think

about in future and we will be supported by a brief insight into how a communicator in a leading

organisation contributes. We will spend time exploring our own experiences and sharing good


What skills will we need for the future?

We will discuss the changing skill set of internal communicators and ask what development do we need to be ready for the next stage of our careers.  Delegates will hear from a series of informed voices including a recruiter, a trainer and a leader of one of the largest IC functions in the world


Call for Speakers

Each year our team works hard to deliver the most engaged audience from across the globe to learn, share best-practices and network. If you have valuable knowledge to impart and want to address a captive room of diverse professionals then we can give you the perfect platform.

Email us @ ic_conference@BOC-UK.comto submit your session idea.

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