EM Retails Summit 2016 - Programme at a Glance

December 2016
  •  Opening session 1: Succeeding in international retail

Future proof your business by understanding how retail will be transformed, taking into consideration rapidly
changing emerging markets, reshaping the map of the global Retail

  • Session 2: Spotlight on Africa

Rethinking Strategies for Newly Emerging Market Success, Look Beyond BRIC’s:Exciting opportunities for the retailers wishing to expand, upcoming gross leasing areas / retailer friendly policies and incentives in the fastest Growing Economies of Africa

  • Session 3: Travel Retail- Emerging Duty Free Markets

What are the requisite tools for entry into emerging duty free markets, particularly ones in Africa and Middle East

  • Session 4: Spotlight on GCC: Exploiting the New Growth Opportunities
  • Session 5: First-mover Advantage in fastest growing economies of Indonesia Malaysia,

Vietnam and Turkey : Forecasting, Budgeting and Managing Risks

  • Session 6: How to deliver world class customer experiences in dramatically transforming

regions: Cross-channel integration in retail, creating a seamless
customer experience

  • Session 7: Facing the unavoidable: Innovations in supermarket retailing

What makes a supermarket innovative?
Where would shoppers most like to see innovation? Reflecting on the new shopper mind-set

  • Session 8:

- How should retailers approach the different digital channels? And how do they fit with an existing store portfolio?
- Challenges of incorporating E- commerce and M-commerce into retail business models in GCC and Africa, in a heavily fragmented Markets, with varied customs requirements and cross-border regulations, religion, culture, shopping habits, etc

Networking Reception