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BOC Global Events Group is delighted to travel to Baku for the first time, hosting the annual Business Brilliance Awards Ceremony. This year, BOC is offering an exclusive Masterclass dedicated to “Building Trust”. This highly informative and practical masterclass designed for progressive Leaders, Marketing and Communications Seniors of Azerbaijan, and its neighbouring countries;

This event looks at all the aspects that are vital for building trust and a reputable personal and corporate brand, from first contact through to long-term relationship building. It is an interactive learning and development event that combines case studies, practical learning, hands-on training and personal development coaching. It draws on the experience of Boundaries Edge, a company with staff from backgrounds in the British Intelligence Services, business psychology and Fortune 500 companies. As they will explain, the ability to engage and motivate confident and connected employees can be the difference between failure and success.

About the Owrkshop

In a competitive market being successful is about building powerful relationships and a trustworthy personal and company brand.

We can all earn trust but can we all build trust? How do you walk into a room and guarantee that you and your brand will be liked? Imagine the competitive advantage you would have if people very quickly came to like you; your brand and network would grow, your confidence would flourish and even the most audacious targets would be possible.

Successful teamwork is built on a foundation of trust. Building trust is a process that layers on level after level of deeper trust. When actions do not match words and trust is breached, this is also a process that works in the reverse. The bottom line is that in the professional services world, the opportunities goes to the person that is liked and trusted the most.

Masterclass Aim Masterclass Objectives
Trust is a Learned Behaviour. This innovative Learning & Development workshop looks at practical ways to build trust using lessons learnt from hostage negotiations, behavioural psychology and Fortune 500 companies . By building trust correctly from the outset it will set the conditions to allow you, through effective communications, to earn and retain people’s trust. ○ Enhance personal and corporate brand identity.
○ Commence relationships on a footing to future success.
○ Create lasting relationships of permanent influence.
○ Increase effectiveness through engagement rather than authority.
○ Avoid inadvertently losing relationships through a break down of trust.
○ How to enhance personal/team confidence and motivation.

Building Trust Workshop Graham CoxMasterclass Facilitator - Graham Cox
Graham Cox is part of the Boundaries Edge team. They are a leading Executive Development company with staff from backgrounds in the British Intelligence and Security Services, Business Psychology and Fortune 500 companies. At Boundaries Edge, the whole team work closely together to help individuals and companies communicate, engage and influence at the highest possible levels. Boundaries Edge is an organisation dedicated to achieving extraordinary results through people.

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