2018 Business Brilliance Awards - Winners Announced!

Winning of the Business Brilliance Award is an affirmation excellence amongst employees, colleagues and industry peers.

We believe that those who enter the awards, and of course those who ultimately win the awards, are role models of excellence that inspire all of us to be the best that we can. Within their entries and out of their success, there are lessons from which we can all learn.

So this report on the BOC Business Brilliance Awards is not only a celebration of outstanding performance, it is also a guidebook for what it takes to be extraordinary. It contains lessons for all of us who are curious enough, and ambitious enough to look for them.

Tom Griffin

Chair of BOC Brilliance Awards

Judging Criteria

To help harness these lessons we put in place a set of judging criteria that together create a model of excellence against which we can judge, reward, learn and share.

The Role Models of Excellence criteria:

  1. Clarity of Purpose– A crystal clear vision of exactly what it is you are going to achieve with the campaign.
  2. Focussed Intent– The clarity of strategic thinking from the outset, and the ability to stay true to that strategy.
  3. Creative Flexibility– Yes the quality of the initial ideas and their execution, but also the responsiveness to emerging opportunities and challenges that inevitably arise along the way.
  4. Resourcefulness– The careful use of allocated budget and the creative harnessing of other resources.
  5. Effectiveness– Did the activity, team or individual achieve its objectives and was the investment of time, money and resources positively beneficial?
  6. Cultural Value- Did the activity, team or individual have a positive impact on the organisation, the target audience and all others it touched?

UK Business of the Year

Adepto - Business bRilliance Awards 2018Winner – Adepto

Adepto helps to create an agile workforce that can adapt as an organisation grows and evolves. Its ground-breaking approach, to the use of AI and machine learning clearly demonstrated for the judges their Focussed Intent to impact every aspect of a business, from better understanding talent and optimising teams, to gaining greater visibility of what skills they have.

Adepto’s resourcefulness was also clear to the judges when they looked at how growth in terms of new clients, is deliberately fed into growth in the capability and effectiveness of the overall client offering to all clients.

International Business of the Year 

Antavo - Business B brilliance Awards Winner 2018Winner – Antavo

The Creative Flexibility of Antavo was immediately clear in the pivot of the business in 2012 from being a provider of a marketing software focusing on lead generation, to becoming the leading B2B customer loyalty technology for fashion and retailin Europe.

Since 2017 their team has grown from 14 to 40 people from 5 nationalities, in 4 locations all over Europe. But despite being a relatively small team they have been able to deliver for one client a 600% ROI. No surprise that today they have clients in16 geographies.

It is also no surprise that their growth and funding rounds are proceeding with pace and real Focussed Intent.

Employer of the Year - VHR

VHRb - Business Brilliance Awards 2018 WinnersWinner – VHR

VHR is an international technical recruitment organisation serving the Aerospace & Aviation, F1 & Automotive, Engineering & Defence and Marine industries across 45 countries.

Their effectiveness as an employer was immediately evidenced to the judges through the 80% satisfaction ratings achieved in employee engagement, happiness and wellbeing. Among many unique employee benefit programmes, the Judges were particularly struck by Flexible Working, Early Finish Friday and the healthy and delicious Daily Fruit Delivery.

It comes as no surprise that one verbatim quote form the most recent Employee Survey read simple: “I love working at VHR.”

VHR.1 - Business Brilliance Awards 2018Brand Brilliance (Large) - VHR

Winner – VRH

Evidence of the brilliance of the VHR brand is not hard to find.

From a standing start in the Czech Republic with no clients in 2016, VHR now leads 100+ Czech employees working for Czech clients, and has an annual turnover of £3 million.

When in a 2017 survey, 77% of VHR’s 250,000 Aviation candidates worldwide reported wanting to develop their skillset, VHR launched Online Aviation Training courses.

In 2018 they implemented the VHR Academy. They have proactively increased investment in employee satisfaction and as result seen their retention rate move to 88%. These are just a few thigs that caught the judges eyes in a tale of true brand brilliance.

Brilliance in Environmental & Corporate Sustainability

3 Step IT - MPR Brilliance Awards Winners 2018Winner – 3 Step IT

Step IT specialises in IT lifecycle management. The Judges were extremely impressed with the circular life cycle model and its outstanding effectiveness. Over 98% of returned devices find a new user. The remaining 2% of devices, damaged beyond economic repair, are recycled through ISO certified partners.

Not satisfied with simply having ISO accreditations, their Cultural Value is so high that in January 2018 the engaged EY to perform a sustainability audit and then published their first Sustainability Report.

This report now provides them with real Focussed Intent with regard to even further improving their already class leading sustainability credentials.

Rising Star (Under 30's)

Chris Milligan - Business Brilliance Awards 2018Winner – Chris Milligan / Adepto

Chris is the founder and CEO of Adepto, a global SaaS provider specialising in ‘total talent’ . Without Chris’ tireless effort in attracting clients, investors and partners, Adepto would simply not have grown as dynamically as it has.

Chris has consistently gone over and above in his role, championing the Adepto cause as a thought leader, motivating his team to achieve more. He is tireless in his work ethic, finding new clients, partners or investors for the platform.

The Judges very much see him as a role model of excellence for any entrepreneur wanting to turn their vision into a reality.

Brand Brilliance Small/Medium

Winner – Piggy Bank DJS (UK)

Within the last year, Piggy Bank launched media campaigns to increase the visibility of their brand. Their focus as a responsible lender, was on promoting self-managing rather than short term credit solutions.

A core objecitve was as they put it; “To deliver positive outcomes to all of our customers, and provide a financial solution that is fair and simple.” This Focussed Intent, with its ethical and value driven perspective won it great praise from the judges.

This focus on customer care and customer service is demonstrated by the high rating they achieved on Feefo. An average rating of 4.7, and 83.95% of reviews having been five stars, speaks for itself.

Brilliance in Customer Service 

Winner – Interactions

Interactions provides Intelligent Virtual Assistants that combine AI and human understanding to enable businesses and consumers to engage in productive conversations. Their entire business model is built around empowering their clients to deliver the best possible customer experience.

Their Cultural Values and their confidence in their own effectiveness, as exemplified by their being one of the only companies to offer Success Based Pricing, really impressed the judges.

Earlier this year, Interactions took their commitment to delivering superior customer care one step further with the integration of full omnichannel capabilities.

Innovative Team of the Year

Winner – Lloyds Bank International Limited (Bereavement Team)

With a focus on helping customers deal with complexity of international life, and as it impacts on bereavement, this small team of 7 oversees the bereavement process for a customer base of approximately 450,000.

What impressed the judges was the sensitivity with which this team was able to innovate with the best needs of the customer right at the heart of everything they did. Their attitude toward innovation, and the creative flexibility the demonstrated, was evidenced by the way in which they engaged with and sought insights from, all those involved in the bereavement process. This helped ensure that nuanced details as well as macro issues of administration, were all improved.

The Cultural Value impact of this team’s work is exemplified by the direct and human interaction they brought into a process that can all too easily become insensitively administrative.

CEO of the Year 

Winner – Arif Obaid Al Maehairi / Dubai Statistic Center 

As CEO of Dubai Statistics Centre, Arif Obaid Al Maehairi has led it to become an identifiable mark in the worldwide statistical map, and one of the most esteemed statistical centres in the world.

His Excellency personally lead the benchmarking team during the centre’s foundation, visiting the most respected statistical centres in the world. His vision was to innovate a comprehensive one of a kind statistical suite, incorporating smart systems designed to produce results for high-level leadership and decision makers in Dubai.

With a strong focus on thought leadership and strategic planning, judges thought that vision that “Statistics that support creating happiness and sustainable development”, to be of the highest order of ambition.

Business Leader of the Year

Winner – Abdallah Massaad - RAK Ceramics PJSC